Do people receive messages from unexpected sources in real life, as they do in Messenger?


One of the most exciting gifts we received from listeners to MESSENGER: A NOVEL IN 16 EPISODES podcast were the real-life messages they sent in when we asked: Have you ever received a message from an unexpected source? The messages people shared were diverse and intriguing—inspiring and mysterious. Though the messages were all very different, one aspect was key to them all—timing.

Each person received the message he/she/they needed at exactly the right time. Just like Messenger’s messages! Each of the messages outlined below held significant meaning for the recipient. Many listeners received their messages years ago, but still remembered them and held them dear. Through carefully studying all the messages we received and recorded for the two Bonus Episodes in the podcast, I discovered they seemed to fall into the three general categories.

Messages received from another person—sometimes a stranger, sometimes a friend.

For Ellen’s message, a strange little boy appeared on the playground and delivered a message that set her mind and heart at ease about her baby daughter’s upcoming heart surgery. Brad’s friend gave him a message of invaluable advice just in the nick of time. And an apartment resident’s unexpected welcome let Audrey know she’d found her new home.

Messages received from Loved Ones from the other side.

A charm from Larry’s dead wife’s bracelet delivered a strong message of blessing and “bon voyage.” While driving on a dangerous highway, Genia heard her dead father’s voice issue a life-saving warning.

Messages occur spontaneously to the person, either as a thought, an actual voice or even in a dream.

Bill followed an urge to leave work and go to the movies, which led him to the next step on his spiritual quest. Caroline noticed a saying on a church marquee which struck a chord of insight. Jo Ellen’s dreams revealed an important personal truth she’d missed in her waking life.

You can listen to each of these full stories and to more accounts of real-life messages our listeners shared, if you go to the Podcast page, then click on Bonus Episodes One and/or Two.

As you ponder your own life’s journey, I wonder if you’ve ever received a message from an unexpected source? It could be long or short, profound or pedestrian, funny or serious or anywhere in-between. If so, please go to the Contact page and send me a message. If we receive enough messages, we’ll share them with our website community.

And if you haven’t received a message yet, don’t worry. Wake up. Watch for it. Maybe your message is on its way.

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